Brand Spark is a brand awareness agency that’s driving growth for ambitious B2B SMEs.


 With a passion for breaking free from the mundane, we don't just enhance brands; we create content that resonates with your audience. Getting the attention you deserve.

From elevating your professionalism to amplifying your presence, creating content, generating quality leads, and facilitating revenue growth.

We're here to redefine what success looks like for your brand. 

Elevate Your Brand Professionalism

Stand out as the industry's go-to with a polished and credible brand identity. Our experts refine your visual elements and messages, ensuring you exude sophistication and reliability.

Generate Quality Leads, Attract High-Value Clients

Connect with clients who truly value your unique offerings. Our targeted campaigns and social selling, aligned with your refined brand image, drive qualified leads to your doorstep.

Amplify Your Brand's Presence Across Channels

Be seen and recognised where it matters most. Our strategy ensures a consistent online presence through targeted advertising on digital, social, and traditional platforms, making your brand unmissable.

Cultivate Thought Leadership for Industry Dominance

Position yourself as the authority in your field. Our approach involves sharing insightful thought leadership content through engaging video and employee advocacy programs, establishing trust within your industry.

Facilitate Revenue Growth through Strategic Brand Enhancements

Our approach ensures a clear connection between brand improvements and tangible business benefits, attracting high-value clients, growing your business.

100s of B2B firms are now realising that investing in brand awareness is critical to business success.


is it time for you to take your brand presssnce seriously?


"Steve and I have recently worked together and I was really impressed by his technical knowledge and expertise in his niche specialism and also his professionalism and delivery style which immediately puts you at ease."

Mel, HR Consultant


"Steve's talent wowed the entire company. His creativity and attention to detail were impeccable. Steve's passion and excitement are contagious. He is a natural leader and an all-around great person."

Holly, Marketing Manager


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